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Frans johansson

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Today, there are so many initiatives, programs, startups, and organizations which are entirely driven by the student community. These are the most essential for empowering the rest. If you have an initiative, you need to take the lead in this drive.
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Scarlet Udaan is a global organisation that aims to raise awareness on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting.

Founder & Global Director for Scarlet Udaan- Sanya Sharma

Fueled By Opinion is a homegrown online magazine started by two high school students from Bangalore, India.

Founders- Ryan Pillai & Tanvi Bharti

Internet MUN assembles the brightest minds from around the globe to simulate MUN conferences, inspire change and transform the world.

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Hi there! My name is Aadhruti Vangaveti, and it’s wonderful to have met you. I am from Bangalore, India, and currently in my last year of high school (in the Humanities stream). Over the years. through participation in various debates and other competitions, I have acquired good leadership and oratory skills. I have also-…

Wait, this is beginning to sound a lot like my LinkedIn bio(Aadhruti Vangaveti), so I will skip that bit and jump right into ‘How & Why PerInq.’

Well, what I had noticed is that a lot of people, especially the Gen-Z, have started to take an active interest in spreading information, mostly via social media. So the idea essentially was to create an online platform for this same group of people to express their opinions and perspectives on, well, anything. And so keeping these wise words in mind:

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

(Wayne Gretzky) MICHAEL SCOTT

and with absolutely no experience in website development (don’t worry, it’s safe) and with help from friends & family, here we are today.
I hope you will make PerInq your platform to express fearlessly.
So, welcome, and I hope you stay on for a long time. And oh, did I mention? It’s wonderful to have met you.

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